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See how much money you could save by remortgaging with Pims. You’ll be guided through each step with a full view of lenders on the market to find the best rates for you.

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Buy to let mortgages

There are many reasons why you might be remortgaging. Whether you’re planning home renovations, consolidating debt, or looking for a better deal at the end of a fixed rate term, we’ll explain the process of remortgaging clearly so you understand what it means for you. While staying with the same provider may seem the easy option, applying through your current lender might not give you the best rate. So we’ll use our objective view of the remortgaging market and our access to exclusive deals for your circumstances to make sure you get the right deal for you.

At Pims, we’ll balance the short term benefits with the long term outlook for remortgaging, making sure the process is clear, straightforward, and completely right for you.

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