Critical Illness Cover

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critical illness cover

Critical illness cover gives you the peace of mind your bills are being paid when you’re taken ill. The policies pay you a lump sum, tax free, if you suffer a life changing injury or a critical illness. It means that your bills are covered and your mortgage is paid if you’re too ill to work.

Finding The Best Deal For You

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover can also support you if you don’t receive sick pay or need to adapt your home to suit your changed needs, such as wheelchair accessible rooms and medical equipment.

At Pims, we’ll make sure your critical illness cover policy gives you the protection you need. Policies can be complicated, and come with many disclaimers and exclusions depending on your current or past health conditions. Our friendly advisors will chat to you in complete confidence to understand your situation. Then, we’ll take an unbiased review of the whole market to make sure the critical illness cover you have meets your budget, needs, and circumstances.

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