Capital Raising

Use the equity you have built up in your first home to get you another.
Capital raising

If you’re thinking of buying a second property either as an investment on a buy-to-let basis, we can go through all of the options available to you in detail, helping you search the entire market to find the best product for you, guide you through the application process and help you with any paperwork along the way.

Finding The Best Deal For You

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Pims can provide impartial advice, and professionally assessed based on the needs of the you as a landlord. It is sensible to shop around for the best deal ensure maximum financial return in the long run.

Fully Qualified, Commited Advisors

At Pims we offer a range of products to suit your individual needs.

Our fully qualified advisors are at hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your query.

Call 0113 320 6222 to discuss a solution today, or fill out our contact form to receive a call back when best suits you.

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