Buy to Let

Thinking of becoming a Landlord? Make sure you have the right mortgage for your situation.
Buy to let mortgages

Buy to let mortgages are necessary for every property you wish to rent to a tenant.  They have their own specific criteria. At Pims, we’re here to help you understand them clearly, with our experience in buy-to-let mortgages discovering the best deal for your property.

Finding The Best Deal For You

Buy to Let

Whether this is your first buy to let investment or you already have a property portfolio, you’ll need to secure a buy to let mortgage for every property you wish to rent to a tenant. These differ from standard mortgages, as you’ll need to show how much profit your property is likely to make. We’ll guide you through step-by-step, with access to exclusive buy to let deals from a range of mortgage lenders and an understanding of their different deposit requirements.

Buy to let has the potential to be a great investment. When you’re taking the step to buy to let, we’ll make your investment simple, fair and profitable with a buy to let mortgage deal that’s affordable and fair.

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